Thursday, August 19, 2010

Operation Weight Lost.!

Hola Haute People!

Friday 8/20/2010 I will start "Operation Weight Lost".. Over the last two years of being with my boyfriend I've gain almost 45 pounds.! I guess the old folks call that "Happy Weight"! LOL.! If you were to see me in person you would never think that I weigh 175 pounds,but I do. Please do not get me wrong,I am still very confident in my new size,but I am tooo short to weigh 175 pounds.In high school I was always a size 4 or 5 with a butt(lol),and in my adult years I've been a size 7/8. I do not want to be a size 4 again because I ♥ my curves,it is sexy,but I do want to go back down to a size 7 again! Diabetes run on BOTH sides of my family,my dad side and my mother side,I am NOT  claiming Diabetes but I will not add on to any possibilities of me getting it.! So with that being said I am losing this weight,I am currently 175 pds,my goal weight is to get down to 130 pounds.!This is a life blog as well hence the blog description,so I will show you different things I am doing to lose the weight.! *Wish me luck*

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  1. Hey girlie

    First of all thanks for following me and I am now a follower of yours as well/ Good luck :)
    Hey you gat my support on your "operation weight loss" also so keep us posted :) good luck!!
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